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Column:Company Dynamics Time:2023-08-04
Recently, CCTV News reported that my country's first "charging, storage and discharging" smart energy management system was put into use in Shenzhen...

Recently, CCTV News reported that China's first “charge, storage and discharge” smart energy management system was put into use in Shenzhen . The system integrates charging facilities, new energy storage, 5G base stations, etc., and establishes a power resource management platform to realize real-time tracking of the source and use of electric energy.

In order to better cope with the peak electricity consumption in summer, various regions are also increasing their efforts in allocating resources of power supply, power grid, and composite energy storage to alleviate the power supply pressure of the power grid and meet the electricity demand for production and life.

Yu Jing
Deputy Director of Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission

“(The system) fully accesses distributed resources, including photovoltaics, energy storage power stations, charging piles, 5G energy storage base stations, vehicle network interaction, electric bicycle charging and swapping cabinets, data centers and other resources, and collaborates with the virtual power plant management platform to achieve Distributed resources are observable, measurable, controllable, and accurately and dynamically regulated.”


Tian-Power and China Tower cooperation project appeared on CCTV news

The electric bicycle charging and swapping cabinet project and the intelligent microgrid energy storage system project jointly launched by Tian-Power and China Towerwere piloted in Shenzhen,jointly promoting the layout of Shenzhen's "charge, storage and discharge" smart energy management system and bringing benefits to urban energy management. had a positive impact.The project aimsto improve the efficiency of charging and swapping electric bicycles, and achieve refined management of energy .


Real picture of cooperation project implementation

Intelligent microgrid energy storage system

By using electric bicycle charging and swapping cabinets, users can enjoy more convenient and efficient charging and swapping services , which greatly reduces waiting time and improves the charging experience. In addition, the intelligent microgrid energy storage system can monitor and manage the charging and discharging conditions of charging piles, and provide peak-shaving and valley-filling functions under peak-shifting electricity prices , thereby achieving refined management of energy . This smart energy management system provides strong support for optimizing energy utilization, accelerates the popularization and promotion of electric bicycle charging and swapping cabinets, and also promotes green travel and smart urban construction.

The cooperation between Tian-Power and China Tower is of great significance in promoting Shenzhen’s smart energy management system. By applying advanced charging and storage technology to urban energy management, we will make important contributions to energy transformation and sustainable development. The result of this cooperation will become a new highlight in China's smart city construction and lead the development of the energy management field.

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Shared power exchange

Program overview

Tian-Power's shared power swap solution is an innovative service based on the sharing economy model, aiming to provide users with convenient, fast and sustainable electric vehicle charging services. Tian-Power is committed to providing intelligent, safe and efficient battery management solutions for battery swapping services for electric two-wheelers, helping to achieve easy battery life in scenarios such as commuting, takeout and express delivery, and creating a better life for two-wheeled travel.

Solution advantages


Using a common negative terminal design, the isolated communication method is more stable and reliable, and supports abnormal protection such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, high and low temperature, cell failure, etc.

The SOX strategy is designed based on years of experience in battery replacement products and has strong adaptability and high stability.

The chip selection adopts stable, safe and reliable brands, such as Tl/ST/Zhongying, etc., with secondary protection function and some BMS meet the IEC13849 safety design certification of power batteries.

Supports OTA upgrade function, can monitor battery information at any time, upload various status information of battery cells, cloud platform intelligent control strategy (fault handling and protection), in-depth data mining + online early warning


Smart lithium battery

Program overview

Tian-Power smart lithium battery solution is a new type of smart charging and discharging solution. It is used in the fields of communication base station energy storage and home energy storage. It can carry out smart charging and discharging management of grid energy storage. It supports the mixed use of BMS + lead-acid lithium battery, and can reduce energy consumption . Peak filling and valley filling realize the off-peak use of grid energy, saving users electricity costs. At the same time, it provides a reliable backup digital energy technology and is equipped with remote monitoring and management functions, allowing users to easily manage and optimize the energy storage system. .

Solution advantages

Equipped with extended functional interfaces such as Bluetooth APP, wireless 4G communication, parallel online upgrade, gyroscope anti-theft, etc.

Supports up to 32 groups of batteries used in parallel, with peak efficiency as high as 98.5%

It has four modes: self-managed constant voltage discharge, power management constant voltage discharge, battery characteristic discharge and peak shaving and valley filling.

Supports multiple activation methods, forced power- off function, maintenance mode, and automatic arrangement of addresses and physical locations

Tian-Power will continue to study and innovate in the field of smart energy management, and is committed to contributing to building a greener and smarter city!