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Column:Company Dynamics Time:2023-07-11
From July 7th to 9th, 2023, the 2023 semi-annual meeting and quality development activities of the Marketing Center were successfully held at Yinzhan Resort, Qingyuan, Guangdong.

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2023 mid-year summary meeting and quality development activities

Work together and strive tenaciously to surpass ourselves

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From July 7 to 9, 2023, the 2023 semi-annual quarterly meeting and quality development activities of the Marketing Center were successfully held at the Yinzhan Resort in Qingyuan, Guangdong.

The first part of this activity is the marketing center's quality development activity , which aims to strengthen team cohesion, promote communication and cooperation, and stimulate team members' innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities .

The second part is to hold the marketing center's 2023 second quarter summary and third quarter planning meeting . The goal is to comprehensively summarize past work, share performance and progress, identify problems and improvement opportunities, and formulate specific plans for the next quarter .


Quality Development

On the morning of July 7, all members of the marketing center drove from the company and embarked on a journey to the resort. After an orderly lunch, the afternoon ushered in the long-awaited quality development activities.

At the beginning of the event, all participants were actively divided into groups according to the organizational arrangements, and three teams came into being: the Tigers , the Xiaoping detachment , and the Wusong team . The team members of each team, led by the captain, loudly shouted the team name and slogan, showing their proud team style.


Quality Development · Tower of Hanoi

Then, the first quality development activity started: the Tower of Hanoi .

The professional coach introduced the rules and gameplay of the game in detail, and guided each team to get started quickly. Under the guidance of the coach, they conducted three rounds of intense team competitions. During the process, the team worked closely together , gave full play to their individual talents , and optimized competition strategies through in-depth discussions and research , demonstrating the charm of teamwork.

Through this team competition, participants not only develop their logical thinking, problem-solving and team collaboration abilities, but also enhance their shared awareness and understanding of team goals. This event provides each team member with the opportunity to train themselves, break through themselves, and pursue excellence.


Quality Development · Win in Execution

The second quality development activity: winning lies in execution .

After the coach introduces the rules of the event in detail, each team will try different challenge methods. Teams learn from each other, clarify goals and complete group challenges together. Team members need to plan, organize and execute tasks effectively and complete tasks within the specified time. By facing various challenges and pressures, team members can exercise their decision-making, execution and action capabilities, thereby improving work efficiency and execution .


Quality Development · Inception

The third quality development activity: Inception.

During activities, team members need to cooperate with each other and work closely to complete tasks together. Through mutual support and collaboration, team members establish closer ties and promote the formation and development of team spirit. By exercising and cultivating the innovative abilities of team members , they can better adapt to complex and ever-changing work environments, improve work efficiency and quality , and inject new impetus into achieving the company's goals and sustainable development.


Quality Development · Frisbee Carnival

The fourth quality development activity: Frisbee Carnival .

Under the guidance of the coach, everyone learned and trained in Frisbee sports, and then competed for points. In a Frisbee game, team members need to cooperate with each other, observe each other's movements and intentions, and implement effective passing and offensive and defensive strategies according to the situation. This activity not only exercises physical fitness, but also promotes collaboration and tacit understanding among team members , improving the cooperation ability of the entire team .


Quality Development · Our Ship

The fifth quality development activity: our boat .

During the event, team members face various challenges and problems and need to analyze the problem, develop solutions and implement them quickly. Through the joint efforts of team members to achieve team goals, each member's collective sense of honor and team belonging can be enhanced , problem-solving and decision-making abilities can be cultivated, and the ability to respond to emergencies can be improved .


Marketing Center

2023 Second Quarter Summary and Third Quarter Planning Meeting

At 2 pm on July 7, the marketing center’s second quarter summary and third quarter planning meeting for 2023 was held in the conference room of Qingyuan Yinzhan Resort.

In the first part of the meeting, the manager of the management department and the heads of each business department gave a comprehensive and in-depth summary of the work in the past six months, including project progress, market sales, and team collaboration results. They closely combined with the actual situation, sorted out the work highlights and existing problems one by one , and put forward practical improvement measures .

General Manager Liu of the Marketing Center Management Department gave a speech

Fengmin General Report of the Digital Business Department gave a speech

Maolin General Report of the Power Division delivered a speech

General report speech by Ma Jun of the intelligent lithium battery power product line

General Manager Shao of the high-voltage energy storage product line gave a speech

Award ceremony

In the second part of the meeting, in order to demonstrate the company's recognition and encouragement of outstanding business personnel, the second quarter achievement award ceremony was held to commend the business personnel who achieved sales targets in the second quarter. Each business department always presented awards to the winners.

Second Quarter Achievement Award Ceremony

Second Quarter Achievement Award Ceremony

At 9 a.m. on July 8, the company meeting continued, advancing the agenda of the previous day's meeting in an intense atmosphere.

General Hu of the New Energy Business Department gave a speech

General Manager Yang Hua of the Automobile Division delivered a speech

Manager Hu from the Sales and Service Department gave a speech

Manager Yue of the Nuclear Price Department gave a speech

In the third part of the meeting, the company's general manager Mr. Sun delivered an important concluding speech, reviewing the efforts and results of the past six months, and conveyed the company's strategic focus and goals for the second half of the year to all attendees.

Mr. Sun’s concluding remarks

Mr. Sun provides work guidance to the company’s business personnel

The event ended successfully. By holding quality development activities, it not only enhanced the cohesion of the team, but also stimulated personal reflection and thinking, which had a positive impact on the future cooperation of the marketing center team. At the 2023 Marketing Center's semi-annual quarterly summary and planning meeting, participants actively discussed and communicated and determined the company's development direction and goals. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, the company will be able to achieve even better results and set a new benchmark for the industry.


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