Gathering efforts and striving for efficiency | Tian-Power's 2023 operation and management target responsibility letter signing ceremony blooms gorgeously

Column:Company Dynamics Time:2023-01-13
On January 7, 2023, the company solemnly held the signing ceremony of the 2023 annual management target responsibility, which opened a good start for the development of Tian-Power in 2023.


Tian-Power 2023 Operation and Management

Target Responsibility Letter Signing Ceremony


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On January 7, 2023, the company held a grand signing ceremony for the 2023 operation and management target responsibilities, giving Tian-Power a good start for its development in 2023. The company's general manager Mr. Sun, executive deputy general manager Mr. Zhu, and managers of various business divisions, centers and functional departments and above attended the signing ceremony.


At the ceremony, the principals in charge of each business unit, center and functional department signed a "Management Target Responsibility Letter" with General Manager Mr. Sun and Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhu respectively regarding their respective operation and management goals and tasks for 2023.

swearing-in ceremony

All participants made an impassioned "Declaration of Goal Commitment". The heavy commitment is not only a responsibility, but also a military order, a "road map" and a "charge", thus kicking off the work of the new year.


Mr. Sun’s speech

Mr. Sun, the general manager of the company, made an important speech, reviewing the results and joy of 2022, and looking forward to the bright future of 2023. At the same time, he set requirements for the operation and management goals and key tasks of 2023. He also stood at the 15-year journey node, looking to the future, and realizing The growth practice of Tian-Power at each stage requires Tian-Power people to face new historical opportunities and new challenges, "gather strength, forge ahead, and be efficient" in the new year to achieve their mission!

Zhang Bo's speech

The decisive battle begins at the beginning, and the sprint begins at the beginning. Facing various work deployments in 2023, Zhang Bo requires managers to adhere to goal traction, adhere to strategic orientation, problem orientation, market orientation and benefit orientation, communicate in depth with team members, and constantly improve themselves. Double the effectiveness of your team.

Mr. Zhu’s speech

Mr. Zhu, the company's executive deputy general manager, summarized the completion of key tasks in 2022, conducted a SWOT analysis of the overall status quo, and planned and deployed around the key work plans for 2023 - improving weaknesses, eliminating threats, seizing opportunities, and promoting advantages, emphasizing In accordance with the requirements of the idea of ​​"going horizontally to the edge and vertically to the end", we should achieve "everyone has a heavy burden to bear and everyone has an indicator on their head", constantly solve development problems, enhance development momentum, and consolidate development advantages.






At the meeting, the main leaders of each business department and center gave a brief report on their work summary for 2022 and work plan for 2023. Reviewing the achievement of goals in the past year and conducting gap analysis, focusing on the new year's work goal planning and formulating key measures, the work report will closely follow the goals, clarify the goals, align the goals, and aim at the goals. Tianbang masters do what they say!




The successful holding of the operation and management goal signing ceremony not only made Tian-Power's strategic goals and development direction for the new year clearer, but also transformed the goals and responsibilities into inexhaustible motivation for Tian-Power people to move forward and implement them with high morale. Fulfill job functions and responsibilities, base on Tian-Power's hard work and dedication, take responsibility in mind, pioneer and forge ahead, work hard to promote the development of Tian-Power, and work tirelessly to create a century-old Tian-Power.


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