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Column:Company Dynamics Time:2023-03-29
"There is no excuse" Rain or shine the mission must be achieved Let us meet with beauty at this moment
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"no excuse"

—Orienteering activities

"no excuse"

Rain or shine

The mission must be achieved

Let us encounter beauty at this moment

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"No excuses" is the most important code of conduct pursued by the United States Military Academy at West Point for 200 years. It is the first concept taught by West Point Military Academy to every new student. Adhering to this concept, West Point Military Academy has trained two presidents for the United States . Four five-star generals, 3,700 generals and countless elite talents .

Why does "No Excuse" have such charm? We walked into Temponda's “No Excuses – Orienteering” event to really get to know him.

Time is 15:30-16:00 on March 25, 2023. What are you doing?


It turned out that the host was explaining the rules of the competition. According to the rules, in addition to passing through four check-in points , each group also needs to receive 2 yuan for each member of the group's travel expenses if they do not have mobile phones, wallets and cash .

Although there were heavy clouds, we blew the horn to set off and rushed to the front regardless of rain or shine.



 The mission will be achieved regardless of rain or shine 


The best trip in life is to meet a group of like-minded friends in a place you have never been before, set out together, and discover a long-lost touch.


The wind picked up, passing through the leaves like a child playing, and there was a "rustling" noise, short and rapid, as if mixed with mutual jokes, and then gradually quieted down. A clear voice came from the distance, " Our team name is...", "Our team song is...",

Organizational actions, goal-oriented teams, we organize the team, move forward, move forward, move forward!


The rain fell, pouring down, and small pools of water accumulated on the ground. The rain on the trees gathered into rain curtains, and clothes and shoes were wet. We helped each other, encouraged each other, had firm beliefs, and worked together, and no one was left behind. Team members, practice as a group and go further!

The wind was blowing and the rain was raging in the forest. The rain pillars are flying all over the sky, like thousands of sharp arrows shooting at us quickly. It is unstoppable and powerful. To fight against it is our super perseverance and sense of purpose. There is no excuse, we will never back down, and our mission will be achieved!


 Share exchange progress

We share how to raise funds to achieve the goal in the pouring rain, share our understanding of "no excuses", share the joy of successfully arriving, and share that our mission will be achieved regardless of rain or shine!

Excuses one after another will delay or even make tasks that should be completed impossible.

  "That customer is too picky and I can't satisfy him."

  "I could have arrived earlier if it hadn't rained."

  "I didn't finish the work within the stipulated time because ``````"

  "I haven't learned anything."

  "I don't have enough time."

  "It's break time now. Call back in half an hour."

  "I don't have that much energy."

  "I can't do that."



The market changes like the weather and is unpredictable; if you dare not face challenges, keep a close eye on your goals, and move forward with determination, you will not be able to achieve final victory. Today we are facing the wind and the rain, and we are shuttling in the torrential rain. We have the power to complete the task successfully without excuses or retreat. I believe that we can also move forward bravely on the battlefield at work, face challenges calmly, and usher in a new era. Another victory.

There are no excuses. If you don’t look outside to find objective reasons, you are looking inward to find your own reasons. Without any excuses, you will achieve your mission regardless of rain or shine!


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