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Column:Company Dynamics Time:2023-08-18
It coincides with the turn of summer and autumn and the beautiful season of verdant trees. With excitement, we ushered in the celebration of the company's 16th anniversary...


We are sixteen

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At the turn of summer and autumn, when thousands of trees are green, we welcome the company's 16th anniversary celebration with excitement. Looking back on the past 16 years, we follow the beating rhythm of the times and grasp every step of the company's development. Historical opportunities to complete historic leaps again and again.

  In the past sixteen years, we have used our passion and ideals to build Tian-Power's high-spirited character; we have used our will and faith to step out Tian-Power's colorful and golden footsteps!

  In these sixteen years, our love has condensed here, our ideals have flown here, and our youthful blood has surged here!

Thanks to every Tian-Power employee for their hard work and selfless dedication. Today we celebrate the company's 16th birthday. Let's share the joy together.



Sharing my story with Tian-Power

Manager Hu from the Sales and Service Department shared that there are no excuses and the mission must be achieved


We received a total of Within the time limit, the goods were put into the warehouse, picked up by logistics to the airport, and delivered to the client at 18:00 that evening. The one-time acceptance passed the customer's inspection. Afterwards, the customer sent a thank you letter, highly recognizing the emergency response customer delivery ability, and giving us a very high Through this incident, I can deeply understand that our organization has no excuses and must achieve its mission. After years of training, it is a team that can fight hard , do practical things, and has a strong enthusiasm and initiative . It can understand the company Customers, the core concept of solving customer pain points has been implemented. I firmly believe that with such a group of lovely people in the company, the company will overcome obstacles and move forward all the way.


Zhang Gong of the automobile OEM team listened to the "voice of the gods" at the work site. For PCBA waterproof design, the customer requested the use of special glue and conformal anti-paint. This glue was applied and cured to a thickness of about 1mm, with a Rockwell hardness of 65. At that time, the production capacity reached XXX per day. There have been continuous defective returns. Usually at this time, we often compromise and rethink the plan. However, under the guidance of our leaders, we go deep into the manufacturing site and find solutions to the problems. As long as we think about every detail, the goal will be achieved !



Share sweet cake


From a toddler to a strong teenager, we have ushered in the rapid development stage of Tian-Power. Today's vigorous development is inseparable from everyone's unremitting struggle and persistence. This is an excellent proof that everyone keeps climbing and surpassing themselves. , at this special moment today, we specially invite the 2023 May Day Model Worker winners to come on stage to cut the cake for everyone and share the sweetness and joy. Tian-Power will progress and grow with you.



Carry out team building activities


The first team building activity: Kangaroo carrying melon


Kangaroo carrying melon is a popular outdoor game. It not only exercises the members' bodies, but also exercises their teamwork and coordination skills and enhances self-control.


The second item of team-building activities: tug-of-war competition


The tug-of-war competition is a national fitness sport that enhances communication, enhances friendship, and strengthens the body. It can fully reflect team spirit.

In the best-of-three games, under the command of the referee, everyone exerted all their strength and was bound to win honors for their team.


The third item of team building activities: handprint activity


All partners put their fingerprints along the "Happy 16th Anniversary of Tian-Power" on the colorful cloth to send birthday wishes to Tian-Power. I hope Tian-Power will not forget its original intention, work hard and work hard.



Award ceremony

Tug-of-war champion—Production Department-Power


The runner-up in the tug-of-war competition—

Production Department-Automotive Power Workshop/Production Department-Smart Lithium Battery Power Supply


The third runner-up in the tug-of-war competition— Warehouse/Planning and Scheduling Department/Purchasing Department


Kangaroo carrying melon competition champion—

Production Department-Automotive Power Workshop/Production Department-Smart Lithium Battery Power Supply


Runner-up in Kangaroo Carrying Melon Competition—  Administration Department/Finance Department/IT Department


Third runner-up in the Kangaroo Movement— R&D Power/Digital Department



The time we get together is always short. Although we cannot stop the pace of time, we can remember the mood at this moment. I bless you and my era, which is fruitful and has infinite precipitation.

I wish Tian-Power a happy 16th birthday. In 2023, we will work together, forge ahead, and be efficient. There will be no excuses and we will achieve our mission! I wish you all a happy life, smooth work, all the best, and all your wishes come true!




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