Tian-Power | August birthday party - look at the past, start the future, carry on the past and open up the future and start again

Column:Company Dynamics Time:2023-09-04
We burn our energy every day and release our passion in our work. Tian-Power, which we are fighting for, has ushered in its 16th birthday. We are very happy, and we will take this birthday to review those touching moments again...


August birthday party


Look at the past, start a new journey, carry on the past and open up the future, and start again 


"August" is a special month

To carry forward the red culture, peace is hard-won. "Soldiers fight for peace and sacrifice to protect the safety and happiness of the people. Peace is the cornerstone of our happiness and the prerequisite for the development of our society. Looking back at history, we can see that countless soldiers fought for He sacrificed his precious life for peace.

Therefore, we should cherish peace, cherish life, and cherish all the beautiful things around us. We burn our energy every day and release our passion at work. Tian-Power, which we strive for, also celebrates its 16th birthday. We are overjoyed to take this birthday party to review those touching moments again, those exclusive memories that belong to us.



Looking back on the past and building on the future

Never forget our ancestors and forge ahead

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Mr. Ma from Human Resources gave us a wonderful sharing. He explained the greatness of maternal love from his own personal experience. A mother is pregnant for ten months, nurturing life, and her body and mind are under tremendous pressure. Every stage of the child's growth must be focused and carefully cared for. Companion, when he gets married as an adult, every time he comes home after getting married, no matter how late it is, he cares about whether he has eaten and whether he is working hard. He often cooks at night and prepares lunch for him tomorrow. He is always worried that he will not eat well and is too tired from work. , allowing him to enjoy meticulous care. On his birthday, he advocated that every birthday boy among us can give his mother a sincere thank you and a few heart-warming words,so that the mother can feel the warmth and happiness of having a child.

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Put life first, unite the whole country, sacrifice life and death, respect science, and share a common destiny. In this desperate battle against a severe epidemic, we have forged a great anti-epidemic spirit that puts life first, unites the whole country, sacrifices life and death, respects science, and shares a shared future. At the same time, we can once again feel the greatness of life and cherish this hard-won A healthy life, thanks for meeting each other, thanks for you, me and him.

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In this link, everyone watches military videos, and contestants need to answer questions about military knowledge, such as war history, military strategy, military skills, etc.

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During the event, everyone actively participated, combined with their own actual conditions, used simple language and vivid examples to eloquently tell touching stories about Tian-Power and me, and expressed their feelings after watching the video. He sincerely expressed his love for the motherland and his deep gratitude to the soldiers, learned from the revolutionary martyrs' spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and moving forward courageously, and integrated the revolutionary spirit into his work.



Game session—balloon squeezing

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Amidst the laughter, we found that squeezing a balloon may seem like a simple game, but it contains a great truth: unity and cooperation are very important. When doing things, you must not only consider everything carefully, but also pay attention to methods. The combination of these two aspects can achieve great results. success.



Share cake, lucky draw

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With the joyful birthday song, sweet birthday cake, and exciting lucky draw, this event is coming to an end.

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