Related Products

Related Products

Product Features

Product Features

  1. Possess battery pack voltage, current, temperature acquisition and monitoring functions;

  2. It can provide protection functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, high temperature, low temperature, short circuit, and abnormal internal communication for the battery pack;

  3. It has the functions of accurate SOC measurement and SOH health status statistics during the charging and discharging process;

  4. Possess the cell equalization function during the charging process;

  5. With a battery data storage unit, it can classify and store battery alarms and operating data;

  6. It has RS485 communication, supports the MODBUS protocol of the power exchange cabinet, and can communicate with Tianbangda host computer to realize the function of monitoring data and configuring parameters;

  7. This product can be equipped with a 4G wireless communication module. After the wireless module is equipped with a SIM card, the battery pack monitoring information can be uploaded to the monitoring background to monitor the battery information.

  8. Support GPS and Beidou dual-mode positioning;

  9. With functions such as remote upgrade and parameter modification;

  10. This product can be equipped with BLE4.2 Bluetooth module, supports GATT protocol, the battery is used as a server, and the power exchange cabinet/mobile APP is used as a client to obtain battery device information.

Related Parameters

Related Parameters

Basic parameters

Working temperature-20℃~+65℃
Cooling methodNatural heat dissipation
Dimensions (L*W*Dmm)Special car, can be customized
Protection levelIP67 (Complete with PACK)

Electrical performance

Battery voltageUP 60V/72V
Rated charge/discharge powerUP 3000W (can be customized)

Communication method

Wireless communication4G/BT/dual-mode positioning/NB
Communication interfaceCAN/RS485; Line Communication

Other parameters

Support battery type13-25s, lithium iron phosphate UP 25S/ternary UP21S (cascade AFE)
Rated battery voltageUP 72V
Support battery capacityUP 50Ah/Customized
Alarm and protectionOvervoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, overtemperature, low temperature protection, etc.


Discharge current limitUP 1.5C
Secondary protectionOnboard level high current controllable fuse
Power terminal controlPositive control to reduce isolation devices
Communication diagnosisUDS Diagnostic Protocol
Current detectionUDS Diagnostic Protocol
SOX super algorithmDynamic discharge voltage calibration, charge calibration
Anti-ignitionHardware plus software strategy, never start a fire
ModelShareTower 3.0Tower 4.0
Basic parameters48154824/48304825/48306020/6030UP 4850UP 6050
Power typeShare battery swap
Number of voltage acquisition strings15 skewers16 skewers16 skewers20 skewers16 skewers20 skewers
Temperature sensor6-way (4-way/5-way battery/1-way environment/1-way MOS)
External communicationDual RS485
Flow capacity15A24A/30A25A30A 50A50A 
Data storage1000 gradually replaced
Maximum detection voltage60V60V60V72V60V72V
SOC error≤5%
Range of working temperature-20℃~70℃
Temperature acquisition accuracy50% of the range above the temperature display error ≤ 2 ℃
Current acquisition accuracyCharge and discharge current error ≤ 2% above 50% of the range
Anti-ignition have
Discharge current limiting\\
4G wireless communication\Yes, supports the standard TCP communication protocol for tower power replacement,
supports remote modification of BMS parameters in the background, and has stable and reliable remote self-upgrade and BMS upgrade capabilities
Bluetooth communication\have

Application Scenario

Application Scenario