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Product Features

Product Features

  1. Built-in AC/DC rectifier module: convert the input 220V AC mains into -48V DC, the total output power is 2000W/3000W/6000W, the conversion peak efficiency is as high as 96%, and it can support external expansion of power supply capacity;

  2. Support external lithium battery management: support external battery management, charge current limit, discharge protection and other functions;

  3. Built-in monitoring system: RS485 serial port, wireless 4G, Bluetooth communication and dry contact interface interaction, can be limited to local and remote monitoring, and can upload site data at any time, which is convenient for centralized monitoring and unified management of the management platform;

  4. Perfect data interaction: display and set alarm protection parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, etc., store and display real-time data and historical data of battery operating status through human-computer interaction of host computer software;

  5. Built-in DC power distribution unit: provide 3 DC load interfaces and 1 battery interface, and the connector has built-in load fuse protection;

  6. AC and DC side lightning protection: perfect lightning protection design, suitable for areas with many thunderstorms;

  7. Electromagnetic compatibility: The electromagnetic compatibility design can meet the requirements of (national standard YD/T983);

  8. Installation method: It can meet application scenarios such as wall hanging, pole holding, angle steel tower, etc., and supports installation methods such as flag mounting and flat mounting;

  9. Quick installation: the connection terminal supports quick plug-in and pull-out, supports waterproof, has locking device and anti-reverse connection and anti-misconnection functions;

  10. Protection level: IP65, die-cast aluminum shell, good corrosion resistance;

  11. Natural heat dissipation, no fan, no noise, maintenance-free;

  12. Small size, light weight, easy to carry;

Related Parameters

Related Parameters


Basic Parameters

Working temperature-40℃~+55℃
Cooling methodNatural heat dissipation
Noise index<45 dB
Dimensions (L*W*Dmm)305*400*70 mm305*400*70 mm344*433*107mm
Total Weight≤8.5KG≤8.5KG≤16KG
Installation methodWall hanging, pole holding, angle steel tower; flag mounting, flat packing, etc.
Protection levelIP65

AC Input

Input voltageAC 85~300V,rated 220VacAC 85~300V,rated 220VacAC 85~300V,rated 220Vac
Input frequency45~55Hz45~55Hz45~55Hz
Maximum input current13.6A × 120.4A × 140A × 1
Power factor≥0.99≥0.99≥0.99
Lightning protection level20KA20KA20KA

DC Output

Rated output voltage DC 48V
Rated output power2000W3000W6000W
Load output shunt40A × 340A × 340A × 7
Battery shunt60A × 1 60A × 1 125A × 2
Lightning protection level10KA10KA10KA
Peak efficiency97.50%

Communication Method

Human-computer interactionSerial communication; mobile phone Bluetooth APP; remote monitoring platform
Dry contact3-way alarm dry contact output (configurable)
Communication interfaceRS485;CAN
Wireless communication4G full Netcom, Bluetooth

Battery Parameters

Battery TypeLithium iron phosphate
Rated battery voltageDC 48V
Battery capacity48V/20Ah或48V/50Ah
Battery management systemCAN communication interaction
Alarm and protectionOvervoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, overload, reverse connection, over temperature, low temperature protection, etc.

Application Scenario

Application Scenario